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Wisdom Arts Laboratory

Wanna make something out of it?

Art making is empowering. Creative people entertain themselves. Wisdom Arts Laboratory (WAL) provides a safe and happy place for imagination to thrive. WAL is a vehicle for community outreach through experiences in art making. 

Thank you to all those who have supported or donated to make this program possible. Thank you to The Rowe and Gayle Giesen Trust, the Pasadena Community Foundation​, Caruso CompanyThe Offield Family Foundation, Orange Grove Meeting, Friends Western School, Odyssey Charter School, IF Center for Imagination and Armory Center for the Arts. Thank you to our many individual supporters, it is reassuring to know that we share these values.


Wisdom Arts Laboratory Programming

Community Fridays

Wisdom Arts Laboratory hosts a free series of community art making events, in the Fall. Artists like Guadalupe Montalvo, Kindred Gottlieb and Ozma Bryant bring projects based on the theme of the day. Themes have included: Outer Space, Earth and Water, World Village, Miniatures and Dia de Los Muertos. Artists work with participants to make all kinds of projects. These free events are held outside, all ages are welcome. Grandparents, dads, moms, babies, kids and teens sit together, glueing, painting, weaving and listening. It is fun.


Music creates atmosphere and brings joy. Our musical guests have included Finneas O'Connell's early band, The Slightlys and the wonderful Claire Holley, accompanied by her son Jackson, on drums. Other guests have included Gary Bagwell, Sarah Rose House- Lightner, and Michelle Olsen.

Miniatures and Tiny Towns

WAL loves miniatures, miniatures can be appreciated by any cultural, economic situation or skill set. Miniatures can be an equalizer. In 2018 WAL built our first Big Tiny Town in the Pasadena Museum of California Artists, Kenny Scarf garage. In 2019, WAL partnered with SPACE and about 300 people at the Eclectic Music Festival and South Pasadena Art Walk to build a Tiny South Pasadena.

The Incident Report

Gordon Henderson created The Incident Report to present stories that involved incidents. The Incident Report has welcomed the genius of Helena Harvilicz, Roz Brown, Jessica Lee Williamson and Steve Abbe.

After School Classes 

WAL offers enrichment classes for children. Guadalupe Montalvo (Lupe) and Florencia Montalvo bring projects that merge engineering with Mexican toy making and bird house building. Kindred Gottlieb has been know to set up live Raku ceramic firings. Abira Ali teaches painting and Carol Caplon -Guin teaches sewing.

Science and Art Camps

Wisdom Arts Laboratory offers summer camps. In 2019, we held Heart Camp. How does the heart work? Jane King an artist and a nurse demonstrated with professional equipment and hands on learning. We drew the heart, sculpted the heart and played games that explained the functions of heart.


Thing Theater

Kindred Gottlieb's summer improvisational storytelling camp is called Thing Theater. Inspired Mummenschanz  Kindred collaborates with campers and artists like Stacy Dawson Sterns and Crystal Sepulveda



Fashion and Runway are never dull. WAL designs with re-claimed clothing and fabric donations. Students become fashion designers, they present their work on a runway to culminate the summer and the camp.


WAL hosts a junior (ages 12 - 14) and senior (ages 14 and up) internship program . Interns learn to supervise a play yard, they demonstrate kindness and assist in the classrooms. The Interns are loved and admired by the campers.