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In June and July of 2022, Wisdom Arts Laboratory created Wisdom Artists in Residence. This Tiny Town collaboration project included teenagers, tweens, kids and grown-up artists. The exhibit was dubbed Hamsterdam. It was shown at 787 Gallery above Remainders, in Pasadena. Thank you to Orange Grove Meeting for letting us work on campus. Thank you to the Giesen Trusts and Pasadena Community Foundation.

Artists included:  Abira Ali, Laila Mandel, Guadalupe Montalvo, Florencia Montalvo, Kindred Gottlieb, Jace Compton, Orion Turmon, Analleyn Pena, Madeline Miller, Giulia Gloria, Stephen Linsley, Ashley Gonzalez, Liberty Alderton, Callum Blank, Rex Fraiser Hoskinson, Eliza Henderson, Liliana Venegas, Eddy Didier, Lucy Marrin-Allison, Alexander Killingstad, Ada Landau, Genevieve Gutierrez, Sophia Seifiert, Moses Peoples, Izzy Grobman, Carol Caplon, Mark Guin, Lily Caplon-Guin, Mae Compton,  Josh Netsawang, Maxine Lieb, Owen Thomason, Gordon Henderson, Frances Bluming, Olivia Bluming, Ryder Mathers, Zoey Su, Fiona Walts, Lili Todd, Vanessa Gnaly, Ziggy Miyazawa, Lizzie Shook, Patrick Haugen, Erin Sprink, Isaiah Sprink, Andre Sprink, Maritza Gualy, and Dana McDonell. Photos by Stephen Linsley, Laila Mandel and Abira Ali

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